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Portdex and UCL has launched a CBDC meetup series as an awareness and education program in the UK and around the world is a commendable initiative that can significantly contribute to fostering understanding and knowledge about central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). By bringing together industry experts, academics, and the broader public, this project will play a crucial role in demystifying CBDCs, exploring their potential benefits and challenges, and shaping the future of CBDC development and adoption.

Objectives of the CBDC Meetup Series:

  • Raising Awareness: The meetup series aims to raise awareness about CBDCs among a wide audience, including industry professionals, academics, policymakers, and the general public.
  • Promoting Knowledge Sharing: The series will facilitate knowledge sharing and exchange between experts, researchers, and practitioners, fostering a deeper understanding of CBDCs and their implications.

  • Encouraging Collaboration: The meetups will encourage collaboration between industry and academia, promoting joint research projects, innovation, and the development of practical CBDC solutions.

  • Informing Policy Decisions: The insights and discussions generated through the meetups can inform policy decisions and guide the development of sound regulatory frameworks for CBDC issuance and adoption.

  • Shaping the Future of CBDCs: The meetup will contribute to shaping the future of CBDCs by providing a platform for informed discussions, identifying potential challenges, and exploring innovative solutions.


  • Increased CBDC Literacy: The meetup will significantly increase CBDC literacy among various stakeholders, leading to better-informed discussions and decision-making.

  • Enhanced Collaboration and Innovation: The meetups will foster collaboration between industry and academia, leading to the development of innovative CBDC solutions that address the needs of various stakeholders.

  • Informed Policy making: The insights and discussions generated  will inform policymakers, regulators, and central banks in developing sound regulatory frameworks for CBDCs.

  • Global Outreach and Knowledge Sharing: By reaching a global audience, the meetup will promote cross-border knowledge sharing and inform CBDC development in various jurisdictions.

  • Shaping the CBDC Narrative: The meetups will help shape the public narrative surrounding CBDCs, addressing misconceptions and promoting informed understanding

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