Asset Tokenisation Research

Asset tokenization involves representing traditional assets, such as stocks, bonds, or real estate, as digital tokens on a blockchain network.Asset tokenization strategy research is crucial for commercial banks and governments due to the transformative potential of this technology in revolutionizing the financial sector and broader economy.

  • Portdex researching Supply chain finance invoice tokenisation to streamline and automate many manual processes including verification, approval, and payment. This automation , eliminating errors, and accelerating transaction times, improving overall Efficiency within the supply chain Finance.
  • Through technology, the objectives are to increase transparency (Immutable and transparent record of all invoice transactions), improve liquidity (liquidity allows businesses to access financing more quickly and efficiently, improving their cash flow management), enable fractional ownership (making them more accessible to a broader range of investors).
  • The Research experimental development will focus on invoice tokenisation and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) in supply chain finance.  The combination of Invoice tokenisation and CBDCs presents a transformative opportunity for supply chain finance and cross-border payments. Businesses can use the research output and blueprint to tokenise invoices by addressing the challenges and considerations
  • Researching an innovative tokenised platform that could enable companies to tokenised their assets in a compliant and efficient manner. Jurisdiction-specific asset tokenisation platforms will address the regulatory complexities and challenges associated with tokenising assets across different jurisdictions.

    By providing a platform that caters to the specific regulatory requirements of each jurisdiction, Portdex will help companies navigate the complexities of tokenising their assets and ensure compliance with local regulations. This approach will also streamline the tokenisation process and will reduce the costs and time associated with cross-border tokenisation.

Must have

Tokenization and processing of real-world products off-chain and on-chain, CBDC- Tokenization of the money encompassing technical and regulatory considerations requires careful consideration of technical, regulatory, and market factors. Collaboration between financial institutions, technology providers, and regulators ensures a secure, compliant, efficient tokenization and trading ecosystem.

  • Analysis of existing regulatory frameworks: Examining existing regulations related to securities, investments, and distributed ledger technology to identify potential gaps and areas for improvement.

  • Development of regulatory proposals: Proposing new regulatory frameworks or amendments to existing ones to address the unique challenges of asset tokenization.

  • Case studies of asset tokenization projects: Examining case studies of successful and unsuccessful asset tokenization projects to identify best practices and lessons learned.

  • Economic modeling of asset tokenization: Developing economic models to assess the potential impact of asset tokenization on financial markets and the economy.

In collaboration with industry and Academia 

  • We are exploring  a digital representation of the physical product, including assigning unique identifiers, storing product information, and linking it to the physical asset.
  • Under the regulatory jurisdiction outlining the ownership rights, transferability, and redemption terms of the tokenized product.
  • How to establish secure custody arrangements for the tokenized assets, and products, ensuring their integrity and protection.
  • Off-chain & Hybrid Model Token Generation:  Off-chain & On-chain tokens representing the tokenized produc

Research Publication

Our research publication in this area will help to identify new use cases for asset tokenization and develop innovative solutions, driving economic growth and financial inclusion. The research publication will also provide insight into further asset tokenization questions relating to the intersection of traditional finance and decentralized technology. Research in this area will help identify and address potential regulatory hurdles, ensuring that asset tokenization is implemented promptly and responsibly.
Comparison analysis of  regulatory approaches to asset tokenization in different jurisdictions will identify potential harmonization opportunities. Our Research effort in this area will also provide policymakers with the necessary insights to make informed decisions about the regulation and oversight of asset tokenizatio

Layered Technology Research:

  • Jurisdiction Level Asset Tokenisation
  • Regulated Asset Tokenisation Models
  • Researching technology
  • Interoperable Infrastructure
  • Digital Securities 
  • Tokenised Bonds/Stock Deposit