Muhammad Shoaib Rehman Tanoli Founder & CEO

Areas of expertise
  • Blockchain technology Leadership
  • Asset Tokenisation
  • CBDC Strategy| Research
  • CBDC Solutions
  • Layer 1 & Layer 2 blockchain for Business
  • Stablecoin Regulation
  • Smart Contracts for Business
  • MBA
  • MSC
  • BSC

As a Project Leader, Muhammad has  delivered Blockchain, digital currency, tokenized Assets, Digital Securities , use cases on open-source blockchain infrastructure. He delivered projects on various blockchain protocols, including Hyperledger Fabrics, Ethereum enterprise, Corda, Cosmos, and Cardano, reflect my in-depth technical knowledge.

His role as the head of the secretariat & advisory board of APPG CBDC, Ex- Expert Blockchain Advisor of APPG Blockchain, and Conservative Party Blockchain & Digital currency chair demonstrates his leadership and expertise in blockchain technology and digital currencies.
He has extensive knowledge of the requirement of MiCA, FCA crypto asset framework, Decentralised finance regulations, and taxation of digital assets.

He has  in-depth knowledge and understanding of new opportunities brought forward by CB & DC for households & businesses and challenges CBDC faces, such as privacy issues, policy implications, operating models, issuance, and value over existing digital forms of cash, such as e-money. He delivered presentations on CBDC availability and usability of programmable money for consumers and businesses and how to achieve policy-level goals such as financial inclusion, access to payments in the future, making payments cheaper, and reducing the illicit use of money.
His experience and background encompass Project Leadership, Blockchain technology for businesses, Regulated Digital currency & CBDC Use-cases for retail payments, Tokenised Assets Research & use- cases, think tanks interactions. Policy and regulatory level evidence, engagement, Executives Presentations, partnership and relationship building with academia, industry, regulators, and policymakers.

Muhammad delivered  Layer1 Blockchain and smart contracts infrastructure Projects for business to business transactions, Assets Tokenisation, and  Data Governance,