Research| Token-Economy| Digital Currency

The token economy may and regulated digital currency may strengthen SMEs, a crucial pillar of the modern digital economy, and contribute to SMEs’ digital sovereigntyThe decentralized nature of blockchain creates a new concept of a token. Portdex is actively researching the token-economy model, which could empower SMES’ and freelancers. Portdex research focuses on 
  • Empowerment of SMEs and the Freelance community through tokens. Distributed platform governance, access, permission (Usage), and governance (validation and Voting).
  • SMEs  to govern the platform through tokens, and at the same time, it could act as a defacto payment method for the platform services with a spendable behavior. 
  • SME’s may be able to control access to data, authorization, and data monetization market.
  •  Their digital signature may also act as an extra layer of verification, revenue generation, and a trail of activities.  
  • Tokens may support SMEs’ Decentralized Identity Management, control and access to data, sharing permissions with third parties, and enforcing usage rights in a multiparty data flow environment.