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Consumer Market data portability

GDPR right to data portability will enable both consumer and business to benefit

Data portability can improve operational efficiency in the consumer markets. The right to data portability enable consumer to port data across and available more service and products.


for cross-sector data

Historical data trial can provide new insight to those who depend on the data, the consumer can directly provide data


Consumer Markets

Usage and Control

Portability is the right under GDPR which can enable better product and services for the consumer

Portability Cross-Sector

Different sectors are currently trailing portability API/Standards to facilitate data portability in real-time.

  • Financial
  • Retail
  • Telecom
  • Insurance


Open Finance will  enable cross-sector data portability for financial data sharing


Open banking enables financial transactional data of the consumer


Availability of telecom data and porting through API

Smart Data

Making data smart  hub for both consumer and businesses

Consumer & Business

Direct connectivity and real-time data portability will benefit both consumers and local businesses.