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CBDC Research

CBDCs raise concerns about privacy and surveillance. Striking a balance between anonmity and privacy will be crucial to ensure user trust and protect sensitive financial information. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union sets standards for data protection and privacy. Transaction processing would require compliance with such regulations to safeguard user data and prevent unauthorized access.

CBDC research may address challenges related with  privacy,  usage, interoperability with existing financial systems, monetary policy implications, and financial stability.

A challenging task will be robust mechanisms for issuance and settlement. Ensuring secure issuance processes and efficient settlement mechanisms that can handle high transaction volumes will be crucial to maintaining stability and confidence in the digital currency.
CBDCs implementation in a fragmented manner across different jurisdictions could lead to challenges in interoperability and reduced usability. To provide value over existing digital forms of cash, CBDCs need to offer users improved functionality, convenience, and efficiency.

Portdex  infrastructure research focus is on 

· Governance and rules of stability.

· AML/CFT mechanism

· Safety, efficiency, and integrity

· Security and operational resilience

· Operating Models

· Data Privacy & Protection

Jurisdiction level governance(AML/CFT), compliance, operational resilience, security, and consumer data protection.

  • Meeting future payment needs in a digital economy.
  • Accessibility,  availability, and usability of regulated programmable money.